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Ferndale is a city that is located in Michigan. It is part of the Detroit Metropolitan area and you will also find that in 2010, it had a growing population of 19,900. The area of Ferndale is mostly residential although it does have a very small commercial sector which can be found in the southern part of the city. Of course, there are also plenty of shops, dance clubs, bars and other options that will also help to keep you entertained at the weekend. So now you know a little about Ferndale and what it’s like now, it’s time to move onto what it used to be. Native Americans were the first people to live in the area and in the 1800’s, it became a home to farmers who then began to cultivate the land in order to make it inhabitable for everyone who visited.

In 10927 it became a city and in 1950 the citizens of the area established railroad lines which helped the northern area to thrive. Ever since then, the area has continued to thrive and in 2010 there were over 19,900 people, 9559 properties and over 4,349 families. This just goes to show how far the city has come over the last few years and it really is showing strong signs that it isn’t going to stop any time soon. The properties in the area are diverse and this is one of the many reasons why people continue to invest in the area, so you know that there aren’t any limitations if you were to invest for yourself. Why don’t you take a look at Ferndale today to see what options are available to you. You’ll be sure to find something that is suitable and the houses are known for being great for families and couples.

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