Rochester Hills

A True Partner in your Real Estate Journey

Rochester Hills is a large city that can be found in Michigan. It is in the northern area of the Metropolitan Detroit. With a population of over 70,995, you can be sure to find plenty of opportunities while also having the chance to move and settle down with your family. Now we’ve covered the modern day aspect of Rochester Hills, it’s time to move on to the historical movements that made this city what it is today. James Graham was the first European settler to move into the area and he arrived in 1817. Under the Home Rule Act, a post office was established with the name Brooklands and it was located between Auburn and Hamlin Road.

In 1996, the people who lived in the area voted so the city would then become the City of Rochester by name, meaning that they would no longer have to pay taxes. So as you can see, the residents of Rochester have always looked out for one another and it is, and always has been a strong community. There is plenty to do and plenty to see in the area, not to mention that if you want to have access to business opportunities, you can with ease when you relocate to this city.

In the year 2010 it had a population of 70,995 and there were over 27,578 houses as well. You will also find that there were 19.308 families and that there were over 2,163 residents per square mile. Of course, if you are thinking about moving to Rochester then you will certainly have a lot to think about but none the less, you will certainly not regret it and it is known for its kind and welcoming community so you can be sure to feel right at home.

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